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FMT opened in March of 2011 with a commitment to combine the most talented electrical and technical professionals in the industry with the best logistical support and advanced tools available. Clifford T. Melton, arguably a not-all-that-bad electrician and David J. Pratt, a pretty much OK technician stumbled upon a hidden recipe: fuse the best of both trades and build a better way of supporting vessels. The line between electrical and electronics becomes thinner by the day, Fusion’s approach has been to abandon traditional lines of separation and operate on capability as the deciding factor when assigning jobs. This reduces some very common tragedies like having an expert sit idle because work lands on the other side of the fence or having a motivated apprentice miss opportunities to learn because the equipment sits in the wheelhouse instead of the engine room.

As the saying goes, "A building is only as strong as its foundation." For this reason, the first employee on staff was a veteran of the marine industry, Daniel "Kris" Koenig. Kris, who started as a parts driver just out of high school brought with him decades of bottom to top experience in logistics management. With support in place, we were able to open up our first location at the Fishermen's Terminal in Seattle in April of 2011. Our second location in Dutch Harbor, AK was opened up with a PO Box, a hotel reservation, and a credit card in June of 2011. One month later, Fusion had an apartment and a 2000 square foot warehouse under lease in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. By the end of 2011, Fusion Marine Technology employed over 20 capable and dedicated professionals serving in three major locations. While some have come and some have gone, the Fusion team remains dedicated to being the best.

Fusion Marine's rapid growth has been fueled by the heartening response of our customers. Truly, with all growth comes pain and our customers, with unwavering support, have endured much of it with us. Our success is as much a part of their history as it is our own, and is a testament to the emphasis they place on trust, loyalty, and dedication. Continuing our customer commitment, Fusion Marine Technology joined the Network Innovations Group in December 2018 combining global experience and expertise with personalized local service and dedication.  In 2019, Fusion Marine Technology expands service and availability with the opening of the new Kodiak, Alaska location.  Staffing the office with experienced electronic/electrical professionals along with a fully stocked warehouse, the Kodiak office ensures that our customers have support and service where they need it.  Looking to the future, Fusion Marine Technology and Network Innovations continue to grow operations and services enabling vessels of all sizes to Stay Connected - Navigate Safely - Find Their Catch!


To provide long term stewardship of our customers’ electrical and electronics needs. To empower them with the tools to make truly informed decisions.


Fusion Marine Technology will be successful and dedicated to the long term needs of our customers; that we can invest in the tools, the inventory, and the trained personnel to support them for the next generation.


Our success hinges on the success of our customers. Our customers trust the integrity of our choices. Our choices rely on the knowledge we exemplify. Our knowledge is amplified by our dedication to being the best.

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